Your Search For A Church Home Need Go No Further!

Searching for a church home can be quite a challenge. Every one of them is different, and none of them is just like “our old church.” Many people of different backgrounds and various personalities come together because of a common faith in Jesus Christ. A church is made up of people not buildings and programs. People are the bricks and mortar that form every church. We know quite well that we are not a perfect church and need to improve in many areas. But our church will only improve as we grow spiritually and as God adds people like you to our midst. Here are a few distinguishing characteristics of out church:

We are a Baptist Church – We hold to the fundamental doctrines of historic Baptists. We know that this will not appeal to the ecumenical minded of our day. Please pick up one of our doctrinal statements.

We are a Missions Minded Church – We are not here as a social club or a place of entertainment. We invest out time, effort and money in reaching the lost for Christ. We try our best to love lost people and point them to Jesus Christ.

We are a Family Church – Our focus is not one certain age group, but for all ages. Our ministries to children, teens, adults or seniors are meant to benefit the whole family. If you are alone, we want to become your church family.

We are God’s Church – He is the one that we answer to. The building is His. The music is for Him. The prayers are directed to Him. We exist for His honor and glory!


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